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I've had a few clients recently call and say:
  • " I need to work with someone who understands I am not mainstream." 
  • "Do you specialize in working with gay couples?"
  • "I worked with a therapist who had me read a hetero book on couples. I'm not hetero so why do I want to learn about that?"

You need a therapist who specializes in YOU and your relationship.  You are the expert and I am the therapist whose training is influenced by the LGBTQ community.

As a proud board member of Quorum: The Twin Cities LGBT + Allied Business community. I am committed to building local relationships. 
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My training is influenced by work at at The PRIDE Institute which is the only LGBTQ specific treatment center in the United States.
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As a part of the LGBT Therapists group, I am so proud to refer to other members of this group. These are therapists who not only support and/or identify with the community, but they have a SPECIALTY so that you get the care the fits for you. Want a referral? Let me know or check them out yourself
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Serving couples struggling with addiction, sex therapy, relationship concerns, sex addiction, pre-martial concerns, LGBT issues in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Edina, St. Louis Park, Uptown Minneapolis and Golden Valley.
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