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Couples and Addiction Concerns

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  • Do you pretty much rock your life except for that enormous boulder that is squashing some part of you?
  • Do you question whether therapy is right because so much of your life, your job, your identity is exactly what you want it to be? 

I specialize in awesome people like you who are 70-90% perfect (hey, we can't ALL be perfect) but the desire to be 100% is strong.  You may have sexual, chemical, or other additions.  Perhaps your romantic life is the thorn in your side and you finally realize things could really improve with a neutral third party. 

Therapy can be heavy, no doubt.  But I believe laughter in the therapy room is such an important part of the process.  I look at addictions and traumas and relationship goo as simply a half (or full) marathon that involves my coaching, my empathy, my professional skills and to be blunt: my humanity in the area you feel the least secure and put together in.
I know the decision to seek therapy is hard.  I also know it’s one of the single most powerful ways you can feel better, act better, and reclaim the rest of your life. Throw out those "You've gotta be messed up to get therapy" ideas you’ve got stuck in your head.

You and I can make magic together for your life, but first you’ve got to pick up the phone or send me an email.  And yes, it’s OK to be nervous to call me!  That’s your first baby step towards an improved life.

Serving couples struggling with addiction, sex therapy, relationship concerns, sex addiction, pre-martial concerns, LGBT issues in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Edina, St. Louis Park, Uptown Minneapolis and Golden Valley.
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